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Labosphère is the story of its Director, Cosmetologist Corinne Rodriguez. Passionate about nature and cosmetics from an early age, Corinne studied molecular biochemistry and then obtained a postgraduate degree in cosmetology. At the same time, she acquired in-depth knowledge of the skin in the field of dermatology.


Corinne Rodriguez began her career working with a Korean team. She gained expertise and skills in formulating cosmetic skincare and hygiene products for the Asian markets, principally Korea, but also China and Japan. Carefully studying skincare rituals, deepening her knowledge of the specific characteristics of Asian skin, cosmetologist Corinne Rodriguez developed her own sensory signature in terms of textures.

In 2005, she created Labosphère and launched a fully unique, high tech formulation with a refined and sensory-based approach to raw materials and textures. Thanks to remarkable encounters and fruitful collaborations, Corinne continued to develop her expertise, talent and passion for formulating cosmetic products with high added value, inspiring Labosphère in the development of high-performance cosmetics. Professor Yvo Pitanguy, plastic surgeon, Dr. Gaurav Sharma, and Dr. Jean Claude Allart have all left their mark on the Cosmetologist and Labosphere, above and beyond their teachings.

LABOSPHERE créateur de formules cosmétiques sur mesure.jpg.jpg

Corinne also surrounds herself with a team that shares her vision and high standards: professional, rigorous, precise, and invested formulators, who strive to deliver formulas with uncompromising quality on all levels.

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