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Technical support

  • Labosphère creates, develops and perfects modern, high quality tailor-made cosmetic formulas with a specific sensory identity.

  • Labosphère applies its international expertise on 2 levels: in-depth knowledge of formulations and dermatology to design products adapted to specific cultural approaches.

  • Labosphère provides advice on innovation to develop new cosmetic concepts.

  • Labosphere ensures international sourcing of high-performance active ingredients to support the formula’s claims.

  • Labosphère proposes - if needed - the most appropriate packaging for the formulation.


Regulatory support

Labosphère plays a role in each stage of formula development:

  • Analysis of the regulatory status of the product being developed,

  • Recommendations on how to conduct and coordinate regulatory testing to ensure the safety of the formula and support its claims,

  • Creation of the Product Information File.

If necessary, Labosphère can ensure regulatory compliance of foreign cosmetic product files for the purpose of importing and marketing within the European Union.


Industrial support

  • Labosphère carries out the pre-industrial transposition of the formulas it has developed in its own pilot units.

  • Labosphère ensures the production of pre-series to meet needs for special events or to test a market (ANSM approval).

  • Labosphère can assist its customers in their industrial development, thanks to its network of partners.

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